Why Choose Us?

1. Experience

Working for myself for 25+ years out of my Tahoe studio, I’ve designed hundreds of logos, brochures, signs, t-shirts, posters, etc. for all sorts of clients. Especially rewarding has been doing things like collaborating with a new business and watching it grow from an undefined and under-funded idea into a thriving, fully-realized enterprise that supports its owners and their community.

I’ve helped tons of established local Tahoe, Truckee and Reno Restaurants, Retailers, Breweries, Realtors, Tech Companies, Sports Equipment OEMs, etc. take their enterprises to the next level. That’s been really satisfying too.

And I'm comfortable working with bigger corporate operations, like Subaru and The North Face, thanks to my past experience at the 2nd largest ad agency in the world. (But I ditched my neckties and wingtips long ago.)

Via the web, I work with clients of all shapes and sizes throughout the U.S. – some of whom I’ve never met in person.

2. Perspective

These days, nearly anyone with a computer can do passable graphics. (But is “passable” what you’re really looking for?) What’s behind the work? Are there real creative ideas and solutions tailored exactly to your particular needs? Is the solution grounded in years of marketing experience? Is there a feeling of collaboration and a long-term “big picture” perspective?

Creative marketing-driven design lifts my clients above the competition, increasing desirability, sales, and profits. Good branding can pay for itself, and a great brand can become a major trademark-able asset that can be sold when a business is sold.

3. The Way I Work

Communication is direct with fast turnaround so ideas don’t get bogged down or diluted.

I try to develop graphics, branding, website design, etc. that give each client their own signature look, not mine. I don’t have a “one look fits all” approach.

My trusted and long-established network of on-call printers, suppliers and freelance craftspeople enable me to handle every aspect of nearly any size job while keeping overhead low. They understand what I want and we “speak the same language” based around keeping each client’s work consistently top quality and "on-brand."